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Reading: A job in Spain

Joe has just got a job in Spain; she writes a letter to her parents explaining her new job.

Sonido Stop

Dear Mum and Dad,

How are you? Guess what.I got the job at Toyota! I am now a Sales Manager!I started work on Monday, so I have been working for Toyota for a week now.

My office is lovely. It's on the fifteenth floor, but don't worry there is a lift! It's really big with lots of small windows, so it's nice and bright. I have my own desk with a computer, printer and photocopier. All I need to do is to make it mine by putting up some photos of my family and friends.

My boss sits opposite me and some of my colleagues sit next to me, so there is a tense atmosphere. The majority of the staff are men and everybody seems really friendly.

The people I work with told me that, the chairman of the company is not very friendly and he shouts a lot, luckily I will only have to see him once a month in important meetings. The manager of Toyota is around 40 years old and he is very demanding, but I think that is only natural.

The Spanish timetable is a lot different to the English one. Generally, in Spain, companies start at nine and work until two. At two they have a two-hour lunch break. At four they start working again and finish around seven. For me, this timetable is very tiring because I feel that I don't need two hours for lunch - it's a waste of time! I think they have a long lunch break because lots of my colleagues go home to their families for lunch. Some even have a siesta!

On Friday, we only work half a day. We start at half past eight and we finish at half past two, so Friday afternoon I can do whatever I want. It's great!I signed my contract yesterday and don't worry, Dad, I read it through thoroughly.

My salary is 20,000 a year, I get 20 days paid holiday, shares in the company and a company mobile and car. If I want to resign from the job, I need to give Toyota 14 days notice.

It is surprising that as a member of the European Union I don't need a work permit. The only people that need a work permit are those who come from non-European companies. Anyway, I have to go

Call me soon




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