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Reading 21º: A typical English Wedding

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Once a couple decide to get engaged they prepare their wedding. In England the couple usually spend from 6 months - 2 years engaged. When the couple get engaged they sometimes have a party to celebrate. This party is a small party with family and close friends.

Most weddings are hard and stressful to organize. There is always the problem of who to invite, where to get married, how much to spend, where to buy the dress, what food to eat, etc. When everything is decided the one thing to look forward to is - The Wedding Day.

Most weddings take place in the summer, in the morning or early afternoon. 80% of weddings are in churches.

In the church, the family of the bride sit one side of the church and the family of the groom on the other side. It is usual for the fianc to be at the church first. He waits at the alter of the church for his fiance to arrive. It is a tradition for the bride to arrive with her father and her bridesmaids.

When they enter the church the wedding march sounds and the bride with her father walk slowly down the aisle with the bridesmaids following. During the ceremony the bride and groom say their vowels and the rings are exchanged. The groom then kisses the bride. They are now husband and wife.

After the ceremony, wedding photos are taken and then everyone goes onto the reception. The reception is usually in a hotel or restaurant. The family and the friends of the bride and groom all have lunch together. After the meal, there is a party - a Disco, where more friends of the couple arrive to celebrate with the new married couple.

At the end of the evening the bride and groom leave the party to go on their honeymoon. Everyone says goodbye to them and the party continues until all of the food and drink is consumed!


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