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Reading 17º: Dialogue in a Restaurant

Sonido Stop

Rosey : Isabel?

Isabel: Yes, Rosey?

Rosey: What are you going to order?

Isabel: I don't know

Rosey: You like soup, don't you?

Isabel: Usually I do but it's tomato soup and I hate tomatoes.

Rosey: Ok then. What about the salmon and trout pt?

Isabel: You aren't serious, are you? I hate fish I thought you knew that!

Rosey: Sorry.

Isabel: No, no starter. I'm just going to have a main course. I'm not very hungry.

Rosey: Well, I'm going to have clams in a white wine sauce. I love seafood. For my main course I'm going to have duck in orange sauce. You like duck, don't you Isabel?

Isabel: Yes of course I do, it's one of my favourite meats. But I'm going to have steak with chips. I fancy something traditional.

Rosey: Ok and what do you want to drink? You like ros wine, don't you?

Isabel: Yes, but today I don't want to drink any alcohol because I'm driving. I'm going to have a soft drink, perhaps a coke.

Rosey: I'm going to have a beer, oh and you want some water, don't you?

Isabel: Yes, please.

Waiter enters and takes the order


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