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Reading 14º: A plane journey

Sonido Stop

The plane was completely full. Everybody looked cold and tired. A tall young man was sat next to me with his wife. The woman sat in silence whilst the man read a newspaper.

After 30 minutes in the air, the airhostess asked us, 'Would you like something to drink?', the lady asked for a gin and tonic and the young man a whiskey with ice.

The couple began talking to each other. They spoke quietly and with certain distress. I couldn't hear what they were saying, as they whispered almost everything. The lady took off her sunglasses and revealed her red eyes, she had been crying. She rubbed her eyes and put her sunglasses back on. Then I heard the lady say, 'so, what did you do with the body?', the man replied angrily, ' I told you, I buried it in the garden'. The lady started crying.

I froze, I tried to hide, I didn't know what to do. I realised why the woman was so upset, her husband HAD KILLED somebody. The couple continued talking, but I couldn't hear anything, I was too afraid. I had to get up and tell somebody what this awful man had done.

I told the couple I was going to the toilet, and as soon as I stood up, I went running down the aisle of the plane looking for one of the airhostess's. I found one and I started to explain what the man had done, I started by saying, 'somebody has diedthe couple next to me.'the lady interrupted me by saying, 'yes, I know, the couple told us earlier, terrible isn't it. I had a dog once..'

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