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Paper 1 (Reading & Writing)


Part 1

Look at the text in each question.

What does it say?

Choose the correct letter A, B or C.


1. 168

  1. What does Javi want Katrina to do?
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2. 169

  1. Car park. Custumers only!
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3. 170

  1. Estudents.
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4. 171

  1. What does Steve need to do?
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5. 172

  1. Lift out of order
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Part 2.

The people below all want to visit a park.

Below, there are descriptions of eight parks.

Decide which park would be the most suitable for the following people.

For questions 1-5, choose the letter A-H.



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Parks inside and outside the city

A. Woods Park

This park is in a quiet village in Hertfordshire, approximately 30 kilometres outside the city. This park is ideal for sports as there are football pitches, tennis courts and a cricket club. The public car park is free.

B. Hazelnut Park

A beautiful park just outside the city. Hazelnut Park attracts people from all over the country. There is a lake which offers sailing, canoeing and rowing lessons. A popular choice with school groups. Behind the lake there is a wildlife area and a classroom where adults and children can become familiar with different local insects and birds.

C. Bowden Park

This small and quiet park offers guided tours, given by an Environmental expert. Tours occur every day and are free of charge. It is situated on the river Thames and can be reached in approximately 40 minutes from the centre of the city by ferry. Inside the park, you can find the Bluebird cafeteria, the Rose shop and the Queen’s botanical garden.

D. Elizabeth Park

This peaceful park is easy to reach by public transport. It has boats to hire, a small swimming area, a roller blading park, a picnic area and a running track. This park also has one of the oldest cathedrals in Britain. There is a museum which should not be missed.

E. Borough Park

Borough Park is the largest and most popular park in the city. It is popular with walkers and those that like bird-watching as the park is the home to numerous rare species. There is also a cycle park which goes on for 20 miles, and an 18 hole golf course. Camping is allowed.

F. Marble house Park

This city-centre park is one of the oldest parks in the city centre. It dates back to the 17th century when it was popular with the royal family. There is a castle which is open to the public and also a museum. Unfortunately, there is nowhere to buy food.

G. Homewood Park

At Homewood Park, there are many walks you can take and there are three paths for cycle rides. It is just inside the city and has an area of quiet woodland which is home to rabbits, deer and other animals. There is a visitor centre where you can find information about the local animals and wildlife.

H. North house Park

This is a tiny, not very well-known park, in the heart of the city. It is filled with plants, flowers and trees which makes it a popular place with local artists. It is within minutes of the shopping and entertainment district.



Part 3

Look at the sentences below about the Iguacu Falls.

Read the text to decide if each sentence is correct or incorrect.

If it is correct, mark A. If it is incorrect, mark B.

1)Iguacu has always been a wonder of the world.
2)The falls can be accessed from both Argentina and Brazil.
3)The weather in Iguacu is hot and wet most of the year.
4)The wettest month in Iguacu is December.
5)A lot of James Bond Films have a scene that has been filmed in Brazil.
6)There is only one boat that you can take in Argentina to see the falls.
7)When you visit the falls in Brazil, the guide takes you through the jungle.
8)Visiting the falls in Brazil is more exciting because the boats are faster.
9)You should not take any mobile phones or cameras with you on the boats.
10)There are lots of things to do in the areas that surround the falls.
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One of the Seven Wonders of the Modern World – Iguazú Falls

In 2011, the Iguazú Falls became one of the new wonders of the modern world. At number 7 in the list of the seven wonders of the modern world, these falls are located between Argentina and Brazil. The falls divide the Iguacu River into the upper and lower Iguacu and it is the river that forms the boundary between Argentina and Brazil.

The climate surrounding Iguacu is subtropical. Year round, there can be abundant rain and high temperatures. The highest average temperatures can be found in January, February and December. Temperatures during that time of the year are around 33 degrees. The highest rain fall typically occurs in October with when the area receives approximately 9 inches.

The falls are so impressive that they have featured in many award-winning films. In 1979, the world famous James Bond Film, Moonraker was filmed there. Then approximately twenty years later, the falls were the backdrop of an Indiana Jones film.

Spectacular boat trips can be made from both the Argentinian and Brazilian side. In Argentina, you can expect to pay AR$100 for a short boat trip around the falls and then AR$200 for a longer boat journey. One thing for sure is that on both boat trips, you will get extremely wet!

On the Brazilian side, there is a company that offers boat trips to the base of the falls, but to get to the boat, you have to board a truck which takes you through the jungle.

You may see some interesting wildlife before reaching a motorboat which takes you on a faster, more exciting road. Again, you are guaranteed to get extremely wet. You need to be careful with mobile phones and cameras as these will get wet if you don’t protect them and keep them in a dry bag.

Once you have seen one of the new wonders of the modern world, we suggest you continue your journey and explore other parts of the country.

There is not a lot else to do in Iguacu or in the surrounding area. We suggest staying a maximum of two to three days. From Iguazú, you can go to Rio de Janeiro or to Buenos Aires. There are direct flights from the airport at the falls.


Part 4

Read the text and questions below.

For each question, choose the correct letter A, B, C or D



  1. What is the writer trying to do in this text?
  2. Why did the writer give Chloe the present she wanted?
  3. Why did some of the neighbour’s kids take up a musical instrument?
  4. What helped the Blue Band become famous?
  5. What might the writer say to her daughter?
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Part 5

Read the text below and choose the correct word for each space.

For each question, mark the correct letter A, B, C or D.


Sophie’s travels
After living in Madrid (1) five years, Sophie decided it was time to move home. It (2) a very difficult decision to make, after all, she had lots of friends in the city, and she had a good job, (3) she knew that back in England, she had her family and her boyfriend.
She told her best friend in Madrid as soon as she had (4) the decision. Lucy’s reaction was not what she expected. “I’m so happy for you”, she said. Sophie thought that she might try to convince her (5) but ‘no’, she was happy for her. Lucy commented on how (6) Sophie was to have such a generous and loving boyfriend and that she hoped that one day she would get married. Sophie hadn’t thought (7) marriage before, but one thing she did know, was that she loved Albie with all her heart.
That night, Sophie called her mum with the good news. “Mum, I’m coming home”, she said. Sophie’s mum broke down in bears. She was so excited (8) her daughter was coming home. She had missed her daughter so much (9) the five year period. “I’m so happy my dear”, she said. “I’ve (10) asked you to come back, but I’ve always wanted you home!”. “Well, now you’ve got me”, Sophie said.
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Writing (Part 1)

Here are some sentences about shopping. For each question, complete the second sentence so that it means the same as the first.

Use no more than three words.

1)The train station is near the shopping centre. The train station isn’t the shopping centre.
2)We’ve never been to this shop before. This is we’ve been to this shop.
3)The food in the new Italian restaurant is not as good as it was before. The food in the new Italian restaurant is it was before.
4)There is late-night shopping every Thursday and Saturday. The shops every Thursday and Saturday.
5)Shall we go shopping next week too? Would go shopping next week too?
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Part 2

You have spent the week staying with some English friends.

Write an email to them. In your email, you should

  • Thank your friends
  • Say what you enjoyed the most
  • Invite them to stay with you.

Write 35-45 words.



Part 3

Write an answer to one of the questions in this part.

Write your answers in about 100 words.

This is part of a letter you receive from an English friend.

I’ve just been to an Indian restaurant and I loved the food. Have you been to a restaurant recently? How often do you eat out in restaurants?

Now write a letter, answering your penfriend’s questions.


Part 3.1

Your English teacher has asked you to write a story.

This is the title for your story:

Winning the competition

Write your story.


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