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Ejercicios - Must / Have to

1.- Elige "Must" / "Have to" (en el tiempo correspondiente) para completar estas oraciones:

1)It is very cold, we light the fire (a father to his son)
2)You go to bed now. It is very late (obligation)
3)When I was at university I study very hard (a mother to her daughter)
4)You come back home before midnight
5)The neighbours complained and the police told us that we turn the music down
6)This is a secret; you not say anything about it
7)You look very tired. You rest
8)I to tidy my room before my mum comes back
9)I have fixed the toilet; you don't call the plumber
10)The lawyer told his client that he didn't confess to his participation in the fraud
11)(A mother to her son) You change your clothes; they are very dirty
12)During the exam you not speak to your classmates
13)(A boss to his employee) You finish your report before 4 o'clock
14)My father will bring the newspaper; you don't buy it
15)We have a lot of food for the party; you don't bring anything
16)If you want to lose weight you stop eating so much (muy enfático)
17)You leave my house immediately; if not I will call the police
18)If I want to go to the USA I get a Visa
19)You stop drinking so much; you are destroying yourself (muy enfático)
20)Last summer, when I went to Greece I rent a car to visit all the ruins
21)The Formula 1 pilot be very accurate to drive so fast
22)If you are assaulted in the street, you not show any resistance (enfático)
23)In Spain you always wear a helmet when you ride a motorbike
24)If you don't want to miss your train, you leave now
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