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miércoles, 23 mayo 2018 español
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Ejercicios - "Present perfect continuous" vs "Present perfect"

1.- Escribe el verbo entre paréntesis en "present perfect" o "present perfect continuous" según corresponda:

1)This evening I two letters to my parents (to write)
2)My daughter letters to her friends for hours (to write)
3)This morning I breakfast for my wife (to prepare)
4)Today Lucy her boyfriend three times (to phone)
5)My friends around Italy for five months (to travel)
6)I to music all evening (to listen)
7)I English since I was a child (to learn)
8)We are coming from the beach where my kids a sandcastle (to make)
9)Why are you so dirty? I in the garden (to work)
10)I to Malaga for three days with my in-laws (to be)
11)I my homework. Now I am going to rest (to finish)
12)My brother TV for three hours (to watch)
13)John since 3 o'clock (to study)
14)The fatal accident just . The police haven't arrived yet (to happen)
15) my watch? I have just lost it (to see)
16)Emma is very tired; she all day (to work)
17)My son two pages so far (to translate)
18)What weather! It since yesterday (to rain)
19)This week my team one match (to win)
20)Today I my room (to paint)
21)My kids at the beach all morning (to play)
22)I in this town since last February (to live)
23)The police the murderer (to arrest)
24)What has happened to the neighbours? They for hours (to shout)
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