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Ejercicios - Verbos seguidos de infinitivo / gerundio

1.- Escribe (únicamente) el verbo entre paréntesis en infinitivo o en gerundio según convenga.

1)I hope my studies this year (to finish)
2)She promised me (to write)
3)My boss postponed a decision about my promotion (to make)
4)I learned English at school (to speak)
5)My son detests his medicine (to take)
6)I dislike up early, especially on Monday (to get)
7)The police pretended the terrorist at the border (to arrest)
8)The old couple swore a formal complaint against the hotel (to make)
9)After my injury I missed tennis a lot (to play)
10)Forgive me for you but your boss wants to see you immediately (to interrupt)
11)I imagine a sailing boat and travelling around the world (to have)
12)She decided her holidays in Italy (to spend)
13)When the teacher entered the classroom the students stopped a noise (to make)
14)Driving so fast he risks an accident (to have)
15)The company postponed its American franchise (to sell)
16)The fire brigade decided the fire with two helicopters (to extinguish)
17)My sister agrees me money for my new house (to lend)
18)I completely detest to the beach on Sundays; they are totally crowded (to go)
19)Last weekend I tried from Madrid to Seville without stopping (to drive)
20)You must remember your mum before leaving (to call)
21)Every morning my dad likes the newspaper during his breakfast (to read)
22)I am afraid to the boat; it is too far for me (to swim)
23)I will try the washing machine this afternoon (to repair)
24)My girlfriend dislikes the dishes (to wash)
25)The thief admitted the bag (to steal)
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