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El imperativo

Read carefully this text. (Lee este texto atentamente)


TEXT (texto)

EL IMPERATIVO EN INGLÉS (A letter from a father to his son)

DO´S AND DON´T´S (by George W. Bush)

Dear Son:

Don´t do as I did. Do as I tell you to do.

If you don´t, you will. Why? Because I have the money and you don´t.

Do I love you? Yes, I do, but you aren´t doing what you should - study.

Actually, you´re doing exactly what I did, until my father told me like I am telling you: stop being lazy!

You´re grades have gone down.

I´ve paid a speeding ticket, a big one, since you were intoxicated, but not romatically.

Then again, your mother noticed that there have been different colors of lipstick on your collars.

Your credit card shows that you´ve charged enough gas (gasoline) to go to Cadiz and back. Etc.

So some partying is fine, but remember: I am not your mother!

You need not answer this letter. I will accept your actions as an answer.

Love, Your Dad

Sonido Texto


VOCABULARY (vocabulario)

should debería to charge cargar (crédito)
to be lazy hacer el vago gas (gasoline) gasolina
grades notas de exámen to party disfrutar
to go down bajar dad/daddy papá /papaito
then again más bien to notice observar /pillar
speeding ticket multa de tráfico lipstick pintalabios
collar cuello de camisa like, as como


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