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Reading 8º: Victoria Reed and Manuel Rey

Sonido Stop

Victoria Read

When I grow up, I'm going to be a T.V presenter. I would love to work on television.

I go to acting classes three times a week and my teacher says that I am very good. I'm going to travel all over the world presenting programmes. I'm going to learn Spanish, French and Italian.

I'm not going to marry until I'm thirty and I'm going to have two children. First I'd like a boy and then a girl!

I'm going to earn lots of money and with my money I'm going to buy lots of designer clothes, a beautiful house and a nice sport car.

Manuel Rey

When I retire, I am going to try to do all those things in life that I always wanted to do and I never could do, for example, I am going to buy a small sailing boat and sail up and down the Mediterranean.

I'm also going to do loads of different activities to keep myself fit and healthy so I can travel around the world and visit really far places.

I am going to be very busy and never lazing around waiting to become an old man.


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