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Reading 5º: Lady Di - Princess of Wales

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Her early life

Diana Frances Spencer was born in Norfolk. At 16, she went to a school in Switzerland where she became fluent in French and an expert skier.

In 1979, Diana decided that she wanted to get a job in London. Her father found her an apartment in Kensington where she lived with three friends. She found a job as a teacher in a kindergarten in South London.

Her later life

In July 1980, Diana Spencer went on her first date with the Prince of Wales. Shortly after the first date they decided to get married.

The wedding took place at St. Paul's Cathedral on July 29th 1981. On June 21st 1982, Diana's first child, William was born. Princess Diana did not want to leave her son alone one minute and so she took him everywhere with her.

She carried on with her life - helping the unfortunate. She visited the sick and the homeless all over the world. She had a particular interest in children and AIDS victims. She became an idol to millions of people. It seemed that the whole world was in love with her.

Two years after the birth of William, Prince Harry was born (15th September 1984). However, Diana did not stop working, in fact, she took on more and more engagements to help charities.

In December of 1992 Diana and Charles announced that they were separating and in August 1996 they got divorced. Diana started a new romance with Dodi Fayed. It was the 31st August 1997 when Diana aged 36 was killed with Dodi in a horrific car crash in Paris.


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